I am pleased to announce that my work"My Mindfulness" is now available online at ArtEndipity( https://www.artendipity.com), the sales site of Barcelona-based FotoNostrum.

I am very honored to have been selected as one of the first 30 artists to participate in the new online sales site launched by FotoNostrum.

The prints are not the original prints of the artist, but are printed by ArtEndipity staff using my data. Therefore, they are not editioned or signed by the artist, but they are low price and more affordable.

I see this as a very good opportunity and hope to use it as a stepping stone for the future. I am looking forward to it. Please take a look at the website if you like.

My work is in the black & white category for some reason. You can also see them from the artists in the upper right corner.

ArtEndipity https://www.artendipity.com