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Media Size: 420x594mm(16.5x23.4inch)
 — Image size:361x361mm(14.2x14.2inch), Edition:10
Media Size: 329x483mm(13x19inch)
 — Image size:280x280mm(11x11inch), Edition:10
Archival pigment print
Paper: Japanese traditional paper (Bamboo Washi)


Amidst the panic caused by the coronavirus, I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Thankfully it was detected early, so I was able to have it safely removed, but between that and the anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic I felt like my mind was a torment of negativity. My sense of normality had suddenly crumbled, and it felt like this tumult would only continue. That's when I realized how important it was to keep myself in a neutral state of mind; to avoid being consumed by my emotions. So what was I to do? I tried many different things while I was shut away in my home. I went about organizing my old 4x5 films, initially as nothing more than a trip down memory lane. But as I was editing these old photos, I became engrossed in combining them with new photos of everyday subjects. I was focused solely on the sensations of beauty & intrigue. It ended up becoming an endeavor in maintaining my neutral state of mind by way of observing the past & present objectively.